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Many consumers worry that personal financial information that they may submit over the Internet could be intercepted by hackers and used for Identity Theft and fraud. You can avoid that possibility by using our convenient Adobe Acrobat Reader® online loan application form.

You can complete the Acrobat Reader loan application form online, print the completed form, then sign and mail or fax the form to us. None of your personal financial information will be transmitted over the Internet.

If you prefer, you can print a blank copy of the consumer or home equity loan application form, and complete it at your convenience. Blank Real Estate Loan Applications must be printed and completed off-line.

To apply for a loan, click on the loan application form link below that applies to the type of loan program you are requesting.

Please follow these steps:

  1. Click on the link to open the appropriate

    Loan Application Form. *

  2. You can save the blank application form, but you cannot save any of your input data.
  3. Print a copy of the completed form or you can print a blank copy of the form.
  4. Sign and date your completed loan application form.
  5. You can either mail or fax your loan application to us.

Fax your completed loan application to us at: (785) 323.1112

Mail you completed loan application to:

Community First National Bank Lending Department 215 South Seth Child Road Manhattan, KS 66502

After we have received your completed form, one of our loan officers will review your loan request and get back to you.

If you have any questions about completing your loan application or any of Community First National Bank's loan programs, please call us at (785) 323.1111, or e-mail us at contactus@cfnbmanattan.com

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