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Please complete an application for the loan or line and submit it to any Big Sky Western Bank office. Simply call 587-2922, contact us, or visit any Big Sky Western BankSM office so you can say YES to yourself today!

Big Sky Western Bank offers lending programs to purchase or refinance a new or used vehicle including cars, trucks, pickups, sport utility vehicles, recreational vehicles, and more.

When you need extra cash for whatever reason, we can set up a personal loan for you. Collateral for these types of loans can be Big Sky Western Bank certificates of deposit, real estate, and vehicles. (Or can be done unsecured - On Approved Credit -).

A Big Sky Western BankSM Home Equity Loan or Line of Credit is an agreement where the borrower(s) uses the equity in their home as collateral for the loan / line. Home Equity loans and lines are the most popular methods for consumers to finance home improvements, invest in more property, manage their personal cashflow, purchase vehicles or consolidate debt, and usually at a lower interest rate. Home equity loans are for a specific amount and are amortized / paid over a defined period of time. A Home Equity Line of Credit is a

revolving line of credit accessed by Online Banking or through checks. You can make major purchases, pay off debt or use for any other purpose to manage your personal cashflow. Generally these loans and lines are the second mortgage on your residence, but can be a first mortgage, or possibly a mortgage on a second home.

For example: If you establish a $15,000 home equity line of credit, you access these funds by simply writing a check. If you write checks totaling $2,500, you only pay interest on that amount. You still have $12,500 available to use. Pay down your line and use these funds over and over again. It's that simple...like approving your own loan whenever you want.

Why should you obtain a Home Equity Loan or Line?
One of the biggest advantages of a home equity loan or line compared to a vehicle or consumer loan is the possible tax deductibility of the interest paid on these loans -- consult a competent tax advisor.

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