Toll Free Customer Service Numbers

What is the 1-800 number for TD Bank? Below is a list of toll free 800 numbers for TD Bank.

Bank by Phone: 800-937-2000 (24/7)

  • Welcome to TD bank Americas most convenient bank
  • for account information press 1
    • for checking and checking money market information press 1
      • Please enter the account number followed by the pound key.
    • for savings and saving money marketing information press 2
    • for loan and overdraft protection account information press 3
    • for CD and IRA account information press 4
    • for information on your credit card press 5
    • to hear about protecting yourself from identity theft press 6.
  • for TD banks store hours press 2
  • to order checks or deposit tickets press 3
  • to open an account, apply for a loan or apply for a credit card press 4
  • to transfer funds press 5
  • to hear about protecting yourself from identity thief press six
  • to change your pin press 9
  • if at any time you would like to speak with customer service representative press zero

Customer Service: 888-751-9000

  • Thank you for calling TD Bank, America’s most convenient bank.
  • To ensure we provide you with a legendary service you have come to

    expect, your call maybe monitored or recorded.

  • All our service representatives are assisting other customers at the moment; our current hold time is 2-4 minutes.
  • To be transferred to TD Bank automated banking systems please press 1 (one),
  • if you have the questions about TD Bank online, press 2 (two).
  • For questions about TD Bank loan, press 3 (three),
  • for all other questions please remain on the line for the next available representative.

Loan Servicing: 800-457-2387 (24/7)

  • To provide you with a service you have come to expect, your call may be monitored or recorded.
  • Thank you for calling TDBank Loan Servicing. All of our representatives are currently assisting other customers. Please remain on the line and your call will be answered by the next available representative. Thank you.
  • Thank you for calling TD Bank, my name is XXXX, how may I help you today? (live person)

TTD/Hearing Impaired Relay Service: 800-852-7899

Bank by Phone

Connecticut: 800-YES-2000

Delaware: 800-YES-2000

Florida: 800-YES-2000

Maine: 800-295-7400

Maryland: 800-YES-2000

Massachusetts: 800-747-7000

Metro- New York: 800-YES-2000

New Hampshire: 800-224-5563

New Jersey: 800-YES-2000

Upstate New York: 800-836-0853

North Carolina: 800-YES-2000

Pennsylvania: 800-YES-2000

Rhode Island: 800-747-7000

South Carolina: 800-YES-2000

Vermont: 800-257-0899

Virginia: 800-YES-2000

Washington DC: 800-YES-2000


Merchant Services: 800-348-4025
source: http://www.tdbank.com/business/merchant_services.html

Hardship Assistance: 800-222-5522

TD Bank Headquarters: 800-462-3666

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