Flagstar MyLoans FAQs

How do I update my bank account in MyLoans?

Why can't I access my loan information on flagstar.com?

I forgot my username and password for MyLoans. Can you provide this information?

How do I create a new user name?

I'm getting a message telling me that my username already exists for MyLoans. What should I do?

I have changed banks and my banking account information is different. How do I record the new information?

Why am I unable to change my mailing address on MyLoans?

Why does my account show a pending mailing address change on MyLoans?

Payment in MyLoans

How do I make a one-time payment on the MyLoans website?

Can I do a one-time payment and then set up a recurring payment?

How do I set up a recurring payment so that it will not deduct the payment until the next due date?

Why can't I make an additional principal payment in the amount that I choose?

How can I verify that a recurring payment has been set up online?

Why was my online mortgage payment rejected?

If I unintentionally make two payments on MyLoans, can I stop it?

Enhanced Login Security

What is Enhanced Login Security?

How will Enhanced Login Security affect me?

Challenge Questions & Phone Numbers

Can I choose my own challenge questions?

Why am I being asked for my phone number(s)?

What if I forget the answers to my challenge questions for my MyLoans username or password retrieval?

What if I forget the answers to my challenge questions for Enhanced Login Security?

What if I never receive the verification ID?

Will the answers to my challenge questions be case sensitive? Will the answers be recognized if they are close?

I've already set up a hint question and answer to reset my password or retrieve my username. How will this affect these questions? Will they be different?

Logins and Passwords

What if I want to log in to MyLoans from another computer?

Will my current password requirements change as a result of the new security feature?

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