Citizens Bank of Rogersville

Citizens Bank of Rogersville has a variety of Home Loan options, which include:

• Fixed-rate Mortgages• Adjustable Rate Mortgages

• Balloon Mortgages

Getting Started

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau provides a Home Loan Toolkit to assist potential home-owners with understanding interest rates and loan fees, estimating a downpayment, budgeting for monthly loan payments and escrow, and understanding the paperwork that is required to close a loan.

Download the Home Loan Toolkit:

Welcome to Citizens Bank of Rogersville's Mortgage Department

Ae you tired of sending your payments to a far away mortgage company, where no one knows your name and a computer answers your telephone call?  With a mortgage loan originated at Citizens Bank of Rogersville, you make your loan payment to us, including escrows.  If you have a question about your loan or your loan payment, call the

Mortgage Deparment and we will be there to talk with you in person.

When applying for a Home Loan, you can speed the application and approval process by bringing along the following information:

  • Completed Residential Loan Application
  • Copy of Insurance Binder or agent's name & phone number
  • Current drivers license
  • Your past two pay stubs
  • W-2 forms for the past two years
  • Two years tax returns with all schedules
  • Homeowners Insurance - Agents name phone number

 Ask the Experts

The home-buying process is a major investment, of both time and money. Working with the right loan professionals will make the process infinitely easier on both your peace of mind and your bottom line. The key is to put together a team that you trust will have your best interests at heart.

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