Frequently Asked Questions about Commercial Bank's Expat Account

  • To open an account with Commercial Bank, we will need you to provide us with an employment letter which states your salary. The letter has to be signed by you and your employer. We will also need a copy of your passport information page.

  • As soon as you receive a valid employment letter to work in Qatar. The account can be opened before arriving in Qatar or within the first 3 months of you residing in Qatar.

  • Your account is valid as long as there are regular monthly transactions from the time you activate your card.

  • The minimum salary requirement is QAR 4,000.

  • Yes you can.  Simply provide us with a valid employment letter containing salary amount and a copy of your passport information page and you’ll be able to open an account. 

  • You can request that the account be a joint account with a spouse once you have completed the account opening process in Qatar. 

  • You can start transferring money as soon as the account is opened.

  • You would need to check with your company’s HR department.

  • You will need to request your company’s HR department. 

  • We have both mobile and internet banking. Internet banking can be accessed from www.cbq.qa and mobile banking can be done via the CBQ Mobile Banking App. The app is available for all devices and downloadable from any app store under the name Commercial Bank Qatar.

  • We will know that you have arrived in Qatar once you collect your card from our Collection Center or you have advised us to deliver your card to your home or office. Otherwise, you will need to advise us of your arrival.

  • Grand Hamad
    +974 4449 0377 Messaied
    +974 4477 1522
    +974 4449 5545 Airport
    +974 4427 1931
    CB Plaza
    +974 4420 2101 Landmark Mall
    +974 4487 6273
    Al Sadd
    +974 4442 2133 Hyatt Plaza

    +974 4449 5802/3/1

    Ras Laffan
    +974 4473 9557 HMC
    +974 4432 4428
    Al Khor
    +974 4472 1819 City Centre
    +974 4483 3035
    +974 4468 1415 / 3505 Villagio Mall
    +974 4449 5621
    Westbay Lagoon
    +974 4411 3890 Salata
    +974 44557577/520
    Bin Omran
    +974 4486 9473 Al Khratiyat
    +974 4449 5572
    The Pearl 1 (Porto Arabia)
    +974 4449 5473 Al Messilah
    +974 4449 5980
    The Pearl 2 (La Croisette)
    +974 4449 5378 Al Gassar
    +974 4449 8046
    Al Rayyan
    +974 4449 5980 St. Regis
    +974 4449 8034
    Umm Lekhba
    +974 4449 5483/5 Dar Al Salam
    +974 4449 8140
    D-Ring Road
    +974 4449 5631 West Bay
    +974 4449 5383
  • Once your Qatar ID is available, you can apply for other banking products and services.

  • Sadara account requires a minimum salary of QR35,000. 

  • Both accounts offer several great benefits with different eligibility requirements. The regular account requires a minimum salary of QAR 4,000 and the Sadara account requires a minimum salary of QAR 35,000.  

  • You will be notified as soon as your card is ready for collection and should not take longer than 48 hours.

  • Your card can be collected from the Collection Centre on D Ring Road along with your welcome package, compliments of Commercial Bank.

  • Sadara eligible customers can request for local delivery.  We cannot send your card abroad as you will need to appear in person to provide your signature.

  • For questions, inquires or more information please contact the Call Centre at +974 4449 5500.

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