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Adelaide Bank has been operating for more than 100 years and is a leading customer-centric business based in South Australia. Adelaide Bank merged with Bendigo Bank in 2007 to form Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Limited. The financial institution is currently the committed intermediary lending business of Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Limited. It also distributes mortgage products by partnering with industry professionals.

Adelaide Bank home loans comparison

Rates last updated February 10th, 2017

Rates last updated February 10th, 2017

The SmartSaver is tailored for clients who are buying a residential property or refinancing their existing loan and need a basic home loan. SmartSaver has a discounted variable interest rate with no monthly administration fees. The loan offers unlimited extra repayments, a redraw facility and the choice of repayment frequency.

The SmartSaver Home Loan

SmartFit home loan

The purpose of the SmartFit home loan is to allow borrowers to purchase or refinance an owner-occupied or investment property, obtain a home equity loan for investment or personal purposes, provide borrowers with debt consolidation funds or give them access to a bridging finance. It is a fully-featured variable home loan that is combined with an offset account.

The SmartFit Home Loan

SmartFix home loan

SmartFix home loans are quite similar to the SmartFit home loan. SmartFix is a fully-featured home loan providing customers with the choice of fixing their interest rate for a period of one to five years. The loan also comes with an offset account, and offers interest-only repayments.

The SmartFix Home Loan

SmartDoc home loan

The SmartDoc home loan is designed for borrowers who are self-employed or PAYG borrowers. It gives customers the opportunity to get a fully featured home loan with all the advantages of an offset account. The SmartDoc home loan does not have the normal difficulties associated with providing payslips and tax returns.

The SmartDoc Home Loan

Go-between home loan

The Go-between home loan provides you with an easy method of buying a new home before you sell your current one. Instead of managing two

sets of loan repayments when you’re selling your current home, a Go-between loan will not require repayments on the new loan during the overlap period.

About how to compare home loans

How do I apply for a home loan from Adelaide Bank?

Adelaide Bank’s home loans are available through its network of more than 5,000 mortgage broking partners in various locations across Australia. They'll help you find the right financial product for your situation by evaluating your present financial situation and future plans. They will also take you through the application process—from initial application to final settlement of the home loan—while giving you important tips on how to succeed with your application.

Documents needed to apply for an Adelaide Bank home loan

To enable Adelaide Bank and your preferred mortgage broker to effectively process your application, you’ll need to provide some information about your objectives and current financial position. The information that you will need to provide will include the following:

Personal information

Adelaide Bank and your mortgage broker will require you to provide the necessary documents to confirm your identity.

Financial information

You will also need to provide financial information such as:

  • Any financial liabilities. This information will be important in evaluating how much cash you will be spending every month, and includes information about your current credit limits.
  • Property valuation. The value of the property being used as security and your deposit.
  • Income information. The amount of money you earn will be used to gauge how much you are able to borrow after all your expenditures have been taken into account.
  • Your asset information. You will have more borrowing power if you have more assets.

Selecting the right home loan is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. Adelaide Bank offers a range of home loans that may suit you, but always consider your personal and financial situation first.

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