Discharged from bankruptcy? You have options.

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Discharged from bankruptcy? You have options.

But even if you’ve been discharged from bankruptcy or completed a debt agreement, some lenders will automatically decline your application for a home loan anyway. Pepper however looks at things a little differently than most. In our eyes, you certainly shouldn’t be hampered by a past bankruptcy. It shouldn’t mean that you are unable to achieve your future home loan happiness.

If you have in fact been officially discharged or entered a debt agreement, there are a number of solutions with Pepper that might suit you. In some cases, we may be able to assist you with finalising a debt agreement as part of the debt consolidation

feature that is part of many of our home loans.

Whatever your case, you can begin by talking with one of our Lending Specialists by calling 13 73 77. The more we learn, the better we can help. We’d like to know what you need, understand how this credit issue came about and what has happened since that means you’re now able to consider a mortgage. We’ve helped a number of people who have been discharged from bankruptcy with a home loan.

Have you experienced some type of credit impairment and are currently looking for a home loan? Pepper may be able to help. Find out how.

Pepper has helped thousands of borrowers. Read their stories.

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