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The staff are all very friendly and make the work day very enjoyable.
Management is friendly and easy to approach which also makes the work experience pleasant. I don't find any part of my work day to be difficult. Being in Boston I find enjoyable as you get to experience the Back Bay scene and all it has to offer.


Great area, nice staff

If you are a professional in the industry you will have many resources to see what is true and false in many reviews here . If your career is all about snacks I guess they are good. Much nepatism at this bank as it is family owned with many relatives holding Sr management roles they would never hold in a normal environment . Go to the Ffiec site or FDIC and check the financial information. They had a good FHA Title 1 loan program but canabalized it to create the Fast Track UCC secured program which is less regulated. They came out with stated income and applications submitted by the contractor , although not for long as it had to be discontinued . They will hire people with no experience in fields pay a decent salary and give titles out so that is why you see some of the write up s here. stability is bad and turn over very high . The owners and board have no idea how to run a bank and have a background more on the commercial side of things . Office space is impressive but they don't own any of the buildings it's all rented .


Poorly run, no real traditional banking understanding . Financials

The company was thriving but quickly turned resulting in many layoffs. The bank spent a lot of money to maintain the perception of success while employees were being laid off.


Nice offices, free food and drink, decent pay.


office politics, company direction is lost.

A good place to work enjoyed my time there. They do not have training in place for there employees you are left to figure it out.

I am a professional individual with high ethics and value and polished business acumen. Great critical thinking skills and problem solver always maintaining composure during the most tested times.I enjoy working in a team environment and helping build effective teams focusing on integrity and trust. Understanding the importance of time management with the ability to manage and measure work flow.

I am a great contributor to any department or division with a positive attitude, perspective and perseverance.

Typical day involved all aspects of selling, underwriting and delivering superior customer services to both business-to-business partners and business-to-consumer partners. Learned about the FHA Title I Home Improvement Lending program. Greatest co-workers I ever had and that made everything easier and most enjoyable.

Worst place ever stay away, they will can you any chance they can.Job security-NONEManagement-cluelessBosses-clueless

other than that, a fine company

My typical day at work was assisting with alot of calls from customers regarding their auto, commercial and Home Improvment loans. Customer Service was our primary focus. My specific job responsibility was preparing subordinations for a valued borrowers. I appreciated the management style as there was minimal micro managing. The subordinates trusted in his/her employees to work independently and efficiently. I can honestly and sincerely state, that I enjoyed and respected my co-workers. We worked as a team.....worked effectively together. We shared alot of laughter!!!!

The hardest part

of the job was adjusting to the re-organization that would occur from time to time. Also, at times, customers would call very irrate and one would have to find a way to not personalize it.


No micro managing, flexibility

A small bank based out of Boston has Incompetent management well known for their reputation " to hire you is to fire you"
They don't have any respect for their employees.

Management is clueless of the direction of the bank.Unsure of what products works best for bank. The pay is not equal to the amount of work.


mismanagement from the top

I joined the bank soon after the acquisition in May of 2010. It was a traditional bank at the time and we rebuilt it into a loan origination and non-branch deposit gathering niche company. In 4+ years I held numerous positions from Director of Retail to Chief Sales and Marketing Officer to Director of Consumer Loan Originations.We (executive and senior management)would make decisions and have to execute changes in a matter of days or weeks. These included organizational as well as product changes. At one point I was responsible for building our deposit gathering team and in a matter of days I had to also assume the management of marketing as well as all consumer loan sales. Therefore I had to be extremely flexible, adaptable and creative.The difficult part of the job was juggling all the duties and changes, but with management and co-worker's support we were successful. That was the most enjoyable part of the job.

I enjoy working with our CEO, the executivey management team and my direct reports. We put in long hours, but the outcome was worth it.

Great little bank, especially in the areas they focus. Focus is on 1) high end banking
2) home improvement


facilities are 5 star

Co-workers are friendly and supportive. Office environment is conducive to productivity.

Excellent place to work. Many opportunities in various skill capacities

Great products and servicesGreat environment

Great benefits



Met amazing people. Stressful due to the transition from Domestic to Admirals.

SummaryFast past very competitive! Good People.

Learn more in 2 years than I have in any other company.

At a time when the mortgage and lending markets were facing scrutiny and new legislation I utilized simple notions of honest, detail-oriented, and consistency of follow up to become the top producer of such loan products for the bank, and throughout the country. The objective was to sell such finance services to residential remodelers & contractors by way of providing information and program criteria. ONCE they understood the value proposition and trust was earned to allow us to speak to their customer it was required to sell the loan program to finance such home improvements. In other words, contractors could no longer play banker of which was hard to accept. The adjustment to trust someone they hadn't known prior to handle the delivery of their home improvement projects by way of financing the homeowner was a very sensitive process, day in and day out.

I truly enjoyed the relationships with the contractors however the real joy was when homeowners across the country would state that working with myself over the phone on what was line of 2nd mortgage products was not only smooth and understandable, but the process itself taught them something as it relates to credit and fiscal management.

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