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As part of our commitment to your business we provide a transparent and open appeals process.

The Central Bank of Ireland has published regulations for firms lending to SMEs,

The regulations contain specific requirements for regulated lenders, including:

  • Giving SME borrowers greater transparency around the application process;
  • Providing SME borrowers with reasons for declining credit, in writing, that are specific to their application;
  • Providing greater protections for guarantors;
  • Contacting SME borrowers who have been in arrears for 15 working days;
  • Warning SME borrowers if they are in danger of being classified as not co-operating; and
  • Expanding the grounds for appeal and setting up an internal appeals panel.

Our approach

For further information on the SME regulations and how we support SME borrowers facing financial

difficulty you can download our:

Information booklet

Each SME that is experiencing or facing financial difficulties is urged to get in touch with us immediately so we can try and help. Each customer will be treated on a case by case basis.

The regulations are available in full on the central bank website.

The SME regulations

On the 6th January 2014 the IBF Protocol on Multi-Banked SME Debt was formally launched . The objective of this Protocol is to create a framework that allows an SME in financial difficulty, with multi-banked debt, to communicate with the relevant banks on a collective basis and to allow those banks to collectively discuss and consider the case.

You can visit the IBF website for further information

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