Al Rajhi Bank Personal Financing-i

  • Interest Rate (p.a.)
  • Loan Tenure
  • Approval Duration
  • Min. monthly income
  • Approved financing amount of up to RM150,000.
  • Competitive profit rate of 0.58% per month.
  • Applicant covered by Takaful protection.

Financing amount of up to eight times your monthly gross salary or up to RM150,000 for a maximum tenure of 8 years

The catch?

Applicant must be at least 25 years. Max age depending on age and financing tenure

An employee of a private sector with a minimum gross salary of RM4,500 per month*

Takaful protection is strongly encouraged.

What will it cost you and how will you be charged?

One time set-up fee:
  • Stamp duty of 0.5% on financing amount to be deducted upfront before financing disbursement (as per Stamp Duty Act 1989).
  • Recurring payments:
  • Monthly payment comprising principal amount and profit charge. For financing tenure of 2 - 8 years, the profit rate ranging from 6.99% to 8.25%.
  • Late penalty charge:
  • As per internal shariah ruling

  • Upon completing an application with iMoney, our representative will contact you within the same business day to confirm your application.

    Thereafter, Al-Rajhi Bank will require an average of five business days (not including Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays) before approval or disbursement.

    You are required to furnish the

    following documents for your financing application:

  • Copy of NRIC (front and back)
  • 3 months (most current) salary slips
  • 3 months (most current) bank statements
  • EPF statement (most current)
  • Certification letter by your current employer (if available)
  • Can you apply if you have a bad CCRIS/ CTOS/ Credit Record?

    No, you are required to settle all overdue payments before applying. It is advised that you continue repaying your financing on time for another three months before reapplying.

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