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All of our leases and loans are designed to keep things simple and make your new solar system fit both your energy needs and your finances.  No matter what your financial situation, RevoluSun can help you attain your solar and energy savings goals.

  • Leasing: having a system installed on your property and leasing it OR
  • Buying: an outright system purchase. We also offer a number of financing options.


With a RevoluSun Lease you can go solar and start saving on your electricity bill immediately without a large up-front expense. You also have the flexibility to purchase your system later with our purchase options, which can increase the value of your home.

  • System maintenance, insurance and performance guaranteed
  • Option to buy your system after six years or at the end of your lease term
  • Most offer the ability to expand your system later to meet your future energy needs (electric vehicles, home addition)
  • Flexible end of lease options—Renew the lease, purchase the system or request removal at no cost
  • Professional installation with the highest standard of quality and customer service from our best-in-class network of installers 


Many of Hawaii’s homeowners have found that purchasing a system is

the right choice for them.On average, a solar system pays for itself in roughly 7 years and has a useful life exceeding 30 years. This means you can receive substantial savings for years to come. You can also receive federal and state tax credits which pay for up to 65% of the installation cost. Purchasing a system with your own resources is ideal, but if you need or prefer to finance, we have built close relationships with a number of lenders—locally and nationally–to make your dream of installing a system a reality:

American Savings Bank

The Clean Energy loan offered by American Savings Bank is an ideal option for people without home equity, proffering an unsecured loan with a $50,000 cap.

Bank of Hawaii

Homeowners can turn to Bank of Hawaii, the state’s largest lender, for a home equity line with extremely competitive rates.


Those with an existing line of credit can partner with EnerBank for a short-term no-interest loan that can then be paid in full with your existing line of credit. Folks with little to no home equity can also benefit from an EnerBank loan, but can expect higher interest rates.

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