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Online Bank Applications for Chase Bank Personal Loans are something that I called on recently and found out more information about that I would like to share in this article.

If you went to the Chase website like I did and looked you will not really see an option for actual unsecured personal loans.

So I called the main customer service number at Chase and it basically had an option for personal loans, but it said that you need to go into a local branch to talk to a representative to apply.

There are a few options I did want to mention that you can use instead of a personal loan that appear on their website.

What Are Other Chase Alternatives to Taking Out a Personal Loan?

Chase Credit Card

If you are just wanting to consolidate credit cards into a lower interest rate payment, Chase has some good options like their Chase Slate Credit Card. It is a no fee balance transfer card and actually there are not a lot of these out there and it is a pretty good deal. Many times a transfer like this can also have a zero interest promotional rate so it is worth checking out.

It is something you can apply for online and may be less paperwork than having to go into a branch and try to apply for a Chase personal loan.

Home Equity Loan

Another option with Chase is their home equity loans or lines of credit. If you own a home it might be a better idea as the loan may be tax deductible. You will want to talk to your tax accountant to make sure but most of them are since it will be associated with your home.

You can also get a home equity line of credit where you can get approved and then have access to that amount anytime you need it. There is no early payment penalty and any interest paid will be tax deductible. So there are advantages

to going this route if you own a home and have some equity in it vs taking out a unsecured personal loan.

If you are still unsure and don’t really want to go with the home equity loan, then you could go into a branch and apply in person.

If you really just want to apply for a personal loan online there are a couple other options we list below.

What Are Alternative Online Loan Options?

Below we have listed peer to peer lending options we recommend. You will find the entire application process can be completed online and is quick and simple. Many times you can get your money direct deposited into your account within a day. The personal loan amounts range from $1000 all the way up to $40,000. Apply now.

Lending Club – Low Rates on Personal Loans. Borrow up to $40,000.

PersonalLoans.com Easy Loan Application

www.UpStart.com Personal Loans


Basically if you want to get a Chase personal loan you will need to find a local branch near you and discuss it with them directly.

You can also look at the option of a Chase balance transfer card or even a home equity loan.

Other options would be to apply online through a peer to peer lender for personal loans.

Good luck on your search and we hope this information was useful to you.

Chase Contact Information

Chase Website – Chase.com Loans

Chase Customer Service Number is at Call 1-800-873-6577

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