Construction Vouchers and Inspections

In order to provide timely and qualified inspections for your construction project, we have partnered with Northwest Construction Control.

To schedule your inspections, please sign in to the secure Northwest Construction Control login here.

Control Your Budget with Vouchers

Vouchers are used to disburse funds for your construction project to your vendors. This payment process provides a system of controls as you match your construction budget to the actual dollars spent for the work and ensures your project is completed lien-free.

Our Construction Voucher program allows you to control your budget as you match your construction budget to actual dollars spent. 

How To Use Construction Vouchers

Our Construction Voucher program is a convenient way to disburse funds for your

construction project to your vendors. Here's how it works:

  • Before you begin work on your construction project, please inform your suppliers that they will be compensated using our Construction Voucher program.
  • An inspector will visit your job site at your convenience to document completed work.
  • We will then issue a cashier's check for each voucher at our office for only materials or labor marked complete on the inspector's report. An invoice stating the entire cost of the materials or bid must accompany these vouchers.
  • You may present our Construction Vouchers to a wide variety of contractors and merchants, including Home Depot. 

We appreciate your business and look forward to working with you on your construction project.

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