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TOTAL RECOMMENDATIONS231st to Review: tsell tsellSort by: Date |Rating |WalletPoints |Usefulness Photo of rffirefly


I have a boat loan with Bank of the West for over 5 years. If it was easy to move the mortgage to

another company, I'd do it in a heartbeat. I pay my mortgage timely via web page from my personal checking account, a well known national bank. My other mortgages are fine, they get paid electronically bank to bank. For some unknown reason, Bank of the West does not have the required relationship …read more Photo of tyusufi


Bank of the West have always been so helpful for me. I have been banking for decades with them. So obviously I decided to get my mortgage through them. They were so helpful and so quick. I did not have to bother to follow up on my loan status, I was given a call almost everyday with updates by my broker. She took care of everything efficiently. Also, whenever I did have a question since …read more Photo of tsell


I have had very good luck with Bank of the West. This is the second mortgage that I have had with them and they are always willing to work with me to make things right. When you call you do not have to speak to an automated system you can speak to a real person. That is something that is very important to me. There are too many banks these days who depend on a …read more


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