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I have had my bank accounts and mortgage held through Chase since Washington Mutual succumbed to the mortgage and banking crisis of 2008. I refinanced my mortgage in 2012, and was treated with the utmost courtesy, the process was easy, and I got a better interest rate. So, when I decided to remodel and upgrade my home, getting a home equity line of credit should not be a problem, right? WRONG. My local loan officer was pleasant enough, but it soon became apparent that he was going to be no more use than a shoulder to cry on throughout this horrendous process.

It started out simply enough with filling out a form online with the help of the loan officer. Some personal documents were required, which I expected and thought appropriate. However, I began to get a sense that something was off when I had to inform Chase, who holds an escrow account from which my home insurance is paid, what the name of my insurance company was. It would seem that they should know this already since they are the ones paying the insurance from the escrow account. Having already started the remodel and packed away all my documents, I did not remember who held my insurance as I have never made a claim in 20 years. I had to call Chase to ASK THEM who held my homeowner's insurance so that I could call back the HELC department to TELL THEM who it was. They could not be bothered to look in their own computer and get this information themselves.

Then I had to give them my tax returns of the past 2 years to prove my income. The W-2's from the past 2 years were not good enough. As the tax returns were electronically filed, there was not a pen-and-ink signature on the form. I was forced to sign the form and resubmit the tax documents, even though I dated the signature the day I signed it, fully 2 years after the document was sent to the IRS. This makes no sense. Then came an employment verification document to prove that I was working at my job for the time I specified and that I actually had a job, my last paystub, dated a few days before this request apparently not being good enough.

Then they discovered I had another account with another bank (savings only). I had been using it to pay for the remodel as they were dragging their feet on approving this loan and because apparently I am not allowed to use my own money for what I see fit. They acted like I had withheld information from them (even though it's all there on the credit report that they had for weeks). Now, 60 days had elapsed from the first credit report obtained, so I had to get a 2nd set of reports for them (at my expense) since they had "expired". I put a credit freeze on my credit to protect myself from identity theft in the past as I have been in a cohort of millions of people whose information had potentially been compromised by Target.

I released 2 of the 3 reporting agencies but could not contact Equifax on the phone in order to have this done quickly as my PIN number was also in my documents that are packed away due to the remodel (not thinking I would need this after releasing it the first time). This was treated with a huge amount of suspicion by Chase. Not that I didn't have the PIN number but that I had put on a credit freeze in the first place. I am now wondering about the intelligence level of the persons Chase hires to work in their loan originating department. Additionally, even though I had unfrozen 2 of the 3 reporting agencies, surprise, surprise, Equifax, the one I could not release in a timely manner was the only one that they used "in my region." Why did they not tell me this before I wasted money and an hour at work releasing the other 2 credit reports?!?

But it does not end there. Then, I was told that they needed the contract I signed with the contractor performing the work on my remodel because when the appraiser took pictures, I no longer had a kitchen as the old cabinets had been taken out at the time that the appraiser came through. They needed this information in order to be able to lend me $20,000 to remodel the kitchen as the house was being used for collateral for the loan (WTF??). I only got this explanation after demanding to know why the contract was needed. By the time of this request, the new cabinets were going in so I told them they could bring the appraiser back out to take photographs of this. They would not, no explanation given.

By this time, it was apparent that Chase had no intention of granting me this loan. In case you were wondering if I am a deadbeat, I am a physician with a stable job, salary in the low 6 figures, I've lived in the same place

for 20 years, have a good credit rating, and have no debt other than my mortgage. To me, it looks like they were fishing for reasons not to grant the loan. I went to a credit union right after that phone call, and a few choice words to the sleazy scumbag on the other end, and was approved for a home equity loan IN LESS THAN 1 HOUR. This, after dicking around with Chase for 2 months.

I am now in the process of pulling my mortgage from Chase and going with the credit union. My monthly payment will be several HUNDRED dollars less a month even with the same interest rate. Please everyone, LEAVE THE BIG BANKS. They are getting ready to have another financial crisis anyway. Something is up. I can tell from the other posts I have read here. There are people with even better financial standing than I who have been treated in the same deplorable manner. They are no longer willing to lend, which means that they are in some kind of trouble that we will find out about soon enough. Get out while you still can!

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So, with an 800+ credit rating and 2 mortgages already with Chase (and NEVER a late payment), we decided to take a home equity loan to help pay for our daughter's wedding. We were told it would take less than 30 days and usually only 2 weeks. They asked for the same information at least twice and often THREE times. And, each time we sent them the requested info. Often we wouldn't hear from them for over a week.

When my husband or I would call to inquire, they would say they were just waiting for X and as soon as they had that, we could close "next week". I would tell them I sent them X the week before and they would then confirm that yes they had that and they would be in contact to close next week. Next week would come and I would call to let them know what days I was available (I often travel for work) and they would say they were waiting on Y. I would tell them I sent them Y twice before and sure enough, they would find it and tell us we should be good to close the next week. This little ritual repeated for months. Finally, my husband took money from his IRA thinking we would just replace it when the loan came through. I mean surely we'd have it in 60 days, right??

After weeks of frustration and sending information and leaving messages, we were approved to close on a Tuesday. There was a three day wait until we could have the money but our completely worthless loan officer assured us we could go to a local bank and pick up the money and get it back to the IRA in time to meet the 60 day deadline. Remember we were supposed to close in 30 days? And more than likely 2 weeks??? So, we signed the papers on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving and on the following Monday, my husband called to see what bank he could go to pick up the money - because it's due back in the IRA by Wednesday.

We live in the Kansas City area - guess what? The closest bank we could pick up the funds was TULSA, OKLAHOMA. Four hours away. They couldn't / wouldn't wire the money to our account or overnight a check. We would have to be there, in person, with 2 forms of ID. OK, my husband talked to someone who arranged a meeting with someone in the Tulsa bank. He jumped in the car and drove 4 hours arriving at the bank about 4:00pm. But, guess what? The loan wasn't in the local bank's system.

So, they know he's coming, they know WHY he's coming and yet it isn't until he arrives (4 hours later) they discover they don't have the information in THEIR system? From THEIR employees?? I just hung up from him and he is still sitting in the lobby in TULSA OKLAHOMA as the employees work to try to get us our money. Hopefully, he will make it home by midnight and can get the money back into his IRA tomorrow but I've lost all faith in Chase.

This has been, without a doubt, the single most frustrating financial transaction we have ever had in 30 years of marriage. We have 2 rental properties mortgaged by Chase but I'll be shopping to refi those ASAP. This experience has been way too ridiculous to retain any sort of relationship with Chase or to ever want to do business with Chase again. Take my advice - call ANYONE but CHASE!!

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