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Last year I went on short term disability but my claim for pay was denied. A couple days before returning to work they terminated me. Lost 3 months income and then 6 months reduced from unemployment. I had been searching for work for 7 months but nothing was in the area. Just as my benefits ran out, an old supervisor so my resume and I was hired but I had to commute over an hour away. I needed a job so I took it. We treaded water for the 9 months due to my small 401k disbursement. Then due to the rise in medical cost, economy and insurance coming due I got behind 2 payments.

I started the loss - m&t process only 1 payment behind in July 2016 and knew August could not be made but could start monthly payments in September. We received breach notices and made a payment with some extra funds toward the arrears for September. By this time I completed their online request for assistance and was never contacted. Called and got info at which time they gave my account number over the phone!! Along with contacting HUD who advised to pull the package offline. I filled it out Huds pack and in the meantime the banks came in so Extra docs that they had I pulled and signed.

I emailed opsmtgsupport@mtb.com but encrypted it to protect my info since it contained so much personal info. I followed up a couple times a week by phone leaving messages and emailing. I finally started getting vm from them to call. Due to my new work schedule and commute my hours matched their call center. I can not take personal calls and have privacy to discuss at work. I sent an email explaining this and to please leave details on vm or send email. NOTHING BUT THE SAME REPEATED VM.

So I faxed the docs and a few days later received a missing items letter. I emailed the requested items encrypted and started with the follow ups again SAME VM FROM THEM. I eventually sent in a complaint which was read and contradicts what I was told today. The response I got was rude, smug and gave no assistance. I was told 16 mos ago they mailed something regarding where to send complaints and they did not need to respond but would do so. (I was heavily medicated at the time and do not remember much of the time frame.)

Finally was told they can not accept encrypted emails and for privacy reasons they could not respond but by a call. I faced the items per the request on 10.1.16 and started following up the same way and advising of my hours and commute. I thought everything was sent and did not receive another missing items letter nor a completion letter. I have approximately 15 emails and all 20 calls documented. 10.7.16 we went to make a payment with additional funds and was blocked from making a payment.

I sent emails and called trying to get the block off. SAME DAMN VM RECEIVED. Today I had to appear at court in the county I live so I had a little time to call before attending. So I did, tried to explain situation - they did not care they do not have email. Incoming emails they scan and save to a file and nothing else. So things I explained would not get to my rep. I was advised I need to call as this is their only communication method! Explained the only reason able to get a call out was b/c of court. She said this is my responsibility and need to call. I asked if they would reimburse me for my time off to make a call where I have no privacy. It is my responsibility.

I was given a list and advised that since I did CURE the missing items letter no more get sent and need to call in. So if I can not make calls do to my schedule there is no way to know what needs fixed. Meanwhile I am 2 payments behind, late charges assessing and fees accumulating. One of my calls I asked for communication by mail so now they will not even do that. I got the documents they needed and hung up.

Called FHA National Servicing Center - explained the situation and was told I need to call the bank explained I did and no help. Call the bank or get a HUD counselor which I need to take off work for and do not have vacation time yet. I hung up as it was a waste of time. Called the branch to get the amount to bring current and want to make sure I could pay do to the block. He had to call me back. When he did he hooked me to the people I already spoke to and was informed the payment amount and that I needed to call in to make it as the... I hung up on her. So now I will not be reviewed, can't make a payment and can't make a call. I have spoke to several former employees and they all left b/c of the new M&T thought process and all stated they want to get bigger and build the base with money.

Now I have worked loss mitigation, bankruptcy and foreclosure for 15 years between 2 banks. I under a consent order from OCC and CFPB working with reviewers from CFPB on my side. Never have I seen a lack of customer service this great even from the big banks. I am the only person at the bank where I am currently work that speaks to customers on loss mit and interactions with BK and FC. I do not know everything but communicate by phone and email as people's schedules need to be accommodated to truly help. M&T MAY NOT WANT YOUR HOUSE BUT THEY WANT YOUR INTEREST LATE CHARGES AND FEES!!

I need to work as my insulin cost went from 50.00 to 650.00 when I lost my job and it sometimes comes down to being alive or having a roof over my head. I am working to try and get medical assistance but will need insulin. Prior to this getting done. They do not care and FHA was a waste of time. On another note with them

when I got my mortgage I opened a checking acct where the minimum balance was 5.00. They now require me to have 5000.00. The only time that happened was when my one income tax was deposited and they took 14.00 a month for servicing it and balance under the limit. AVOID THEM!!

I was a customer for two years on a marine loan, always paid on time. When I sold the boat on 8/17/16 they advised me the title would be sent to me within 5-7 business days as long as I called and requested it once loan was paid. They confirmed loan was paid and I requested to mail title. Mind you my address had NOT changed in two years and they mailed me a BILL every month in this time.

NOW - since loan was paid and they mailed the title, something happened with their system and they mailed it to my address but their system changed the city. So the Post Office sent it back. Now we are headed two weeks in because I waited the 7 business days before I called and they told me to wait a few more days and then call again and so I did and then after 10 business days (going into 2nd week) they stated they did receive it back. So I asked that it be overnighted. I was told they would do so only if I paid for it with a FedEx account. I said "even though it was not my fault you mailed it wrong?" They advised it was not their fault either. So after speaking with a supervisor she still said NO. So I paid for it to be sent FedEx. Overnight.

Next day - I did NOT receive it. I called and was told that was a different department and they were closed (4:30 pm every day) to call back (no one ever offered to call me). So I called the next day to check into it and for a tracking number, they could not provide one she said. Therefore they did not send it. After requesting another supervisor to assist me this person advised he would call the dept that would send out the FedEx and request the tracking number and call me back by 11 am. So at 11:15 (phone in my pocket so I could answer right away) I get a Voice mail alert. They called through the app that puts straight to voice mail, stating that the titles would be sent out that day by 2 but still did not have a tracking number. When I called that evening at 4 pm they still could not provide me the tracking number. No matter who I asked or what I asked they always said NO and they could not reach the person in charge of sending out the FedEx.

So we are now going into the 3rd week after phone calls and runarounds. They provided a shipping number and told me they were sending the TITLE to the loan that was paid off 3 weeks prior. When I received the package the next day and opened it I could NOT believe it. There literally was a loan paid off paper and NO TITLES. I proceeded to call and raise Cain due to how unprofessional that I had to pay for a paper for a paid loan and still no title and demanded that I speak to someone that could actually help me. They never seem to care. Every one always just said NO. I requested that the titles be placed in the FedEx and sent to me overnight and would not get off the phone until I was told something positive.

Still I sat there and she just ran around every avenue of the word No, call back, she left a message for the person, blah blah. I finally realized something... I had paid off the loan 3 weeks prior, I had requested my titles. Then I paid (when I should not had to) for the FedEx and they still HELD the titles. So I advised her by them sending the FedEx and remaining to hold the titles that an attorney would find that as refusal to provide me what I paid for and that I would not continue to call and beg for what was due to me. And she just stated for me to do what I need to.

But then my phone rang and I answered and it was the CSR from M&T. She stated that she placed another call and the lady that was in charge of the FedEx happened to still be in the office. (Although the last 3 weeks I was told they left at 4:30) It was close to 5pm and she stated she had a tracking number for me. Then the next day I received my titles. Funny how things shifted when I mentioned the fact that they were HOLDING my titles to a PAID loan. The names of some of the CSR's were Liz, Harley (she at least called me back to provide the tracking number), Suzette, and Debbie from Documentation and Collateral (they were responsible on sending the titles) and sent the first time only a loan payoff paper.

The 2 FedEx charges to my account was $70. M&T charged me for both shipments. When I called and ask to be refunded for at least one charge guess what I was told... NO. That it was not their fault the zip code pulled another city (system problem not mine) I paid. Then when their employee deliberately sent a pay off paper and NOT the title after she was told the issue by at least 4 different CSR's - I had to pay the 2nd time as well. This CSR stated that they don't sent titles overnight but regular mail, I tried to explain to her the fact of the matter and she also could see all the notes in the computer from every phone call made. She still stated that they do not refund.

I tried to explain to her that the right thing / Customer Service to do was when I called the last time and had to ask for my titles AGAIN.... M&T should have NEVER charged MY FedEx account for their 2nd failure to send what I paid off. They are a poor excuse for a Bank and have the worst Customer Service I have ever encountered. I never received my titles until 9/8/16. I called FedEx and told them the situation and even though they didn't have a part in this fight, they credited my account one charge. WOW that a bank can't even do one customer service gesture for a loyal customer for 2 years.

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