Equipment Financing

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Finance your business equipment up to 100% with no down payment and can take advantage of potential federal and state tax depreciation.

With various payment structures available, your business can choose a repayment schedule and finance licensed vehicles, state of the art equipment or technology while preserving cash flow.

  • Fixed rate term loan
  • Draw Loan – draw period up to 12 months followed by fully amortizing repayment term
  • Advised Line – pre-approved loan allowing you to make multiple purchases for up to 12 months.  Lock in rates and terms at the time each purchase is completed
  • Loan amounts starting as low as $10,000
  • 100% financing plus up to 10% in soft costs (for example, freight,

    training, installation, software or sales taxes)

  • Terms as long as 7 years or up to 75% of the equipment’s estimated useful life Footnote   (Opens Overlay)
  • Choice of fixed or variable rates which are based on the client’s banking relationship, credit history, collateral and the term of the loan.
  • Preserve capital with financing up to 100% plus 10% of soft costs
  • Enjoy potential tax benefits of ownership. You hold the title and capitalize the equipment; the Bank holds security interest in the equipment.
  • Term Loans generally have fixed interest rates providing convenience of scheduled payments which helps a business forecast monthly cash flow more accurately.
  • Flexible payment structures can match the business’s cash availability (i.e. step up, step down or seasonal payment structures)
  • For more convenience, monthly payments may be automatically debited from a Chase business checking account.  

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