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User ID adds character at the password pageI used this app all the time. Just upgraded my phone to a Galaxy s7 and the app doesn't work. The very first time I log in, it works. When I log out and try to log in again it adds a character to my login ID. Say my login is sunnyday12(10 characters), it changes to sunn*******(11 characters) then doesn't recognize my account! So frustrating! If I Uninstall and reinstall.....I can log in once. I have to uninstall/reinstall every time I want to use the app! This app doesn't work at all. I tried to install it multiple times on my android phone but it doesn't work. No longer works on my LG G3Very disappointed that the app has stopped working. I cant get past the login screen. UBT tech support cant figure out why. I'm obviously not the only one with this problem, based on the other comments. TerribleAn awful interface, along with a lack of ability to paste info into forms. It's like UBT intentionally wants me to have an insecure password, just so it's easier to type in Was greatWas great but since the update it will not load the login screen or anything else, I'm just stuck on the boot screen that say UBTgo Could

be betterSlow, randomly stops working, can't login in for several hours sometimes UnusableOver the last few years it has been hit and miss in whether it works or not. After the latest update I cannot even get to the login page. Just get a system error. UBT needs do ditch Fiserv and their s*** products. Won't loadOld update worked fine now I can't even open the app. Good, I use it often please updateAll i can see is my balance, please update. Pay off date for mortgage, auto loan due date, schedule payment, if you update these I'll give you 5 stars. Missing some featuresWhile it's usable, it needs more features. Finger print support, allow copy and paste, and more information on the transactions Not workingStays on the logo screen, never loads app Doesn't ever work Satisfied!I originally came here to complain about not being able to use the app since my last phone update. But then I read other people's comments and figured out how to fix it. Clearing the app data does work! You'll just have to reenter your username instead of just doing your password. Also, Android users check your app list for DT Ignite and uninstall it if you have it! It allows post-sale bloatware to be installed on your phone!!

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