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Indian Overseas Bank MCLR Rates, Indian Overseas Bank Base Rate – Feb 2017

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Low Interest Rate Program Term Sheet

Competitive fixed interest rate loans; No points; Financing of up to 97% of the value of the property for qualified borrowers and homes (for three and four family dwellings the maximum financing is 90%, and for cooperative apartments the maximum financing is 95%); A low minimum borrower cash contribution requirement of 1% of the value of the property (3% for three and four family dwellings & for cooperative apartments). 120 day interest rate locks for existing housing and completed new construction (short term lock in); Term of 30 years only; No prepayments penalties; Down Payment Assistance of $3,000 or 3% of the home purchase price (not to exceed $15,000) Be a first time homebuyer as defined by SONYMA (This requirement is waived for eligible military veterans and household members or for borrowers seeking to purchase a home located in a Federally designated Target Area.

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The RBA have kept the cash rate on hold at 2% for November. The Aussie dollar is hovering at around $0. 71US which is helping to boost major exports including international tourism. Latest inflation is tracking at 2. 1% annually (the RBA target is between 2-3%) and trending down. We will probably see another cut by the RBA by March/April 2016 if not next month to help stimulate extra spending and inflation. As you know banks have increased their mortgage interest rates across the board citing higher capital reserve requirements by APRA. The capital reserve increase has gone from 0.

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SELF Refi Current Rates 5-year 10-year 15-year Fixed Interest Rate 4. 25% 5. 50% 6. 75% Variable Interest Rate * 3. 30% 3. 95% 4. 65% *As of 1/1/2017. Subject to change quarterly. top How is the SELF Refi variable interest rate determined for my loan? You have the option of selecting either a fixed or variable rate with repayment terms of 5, 10, or 15 years. Depending on your debt-to-income ratio, all options may not be available to you. Your variable rate can change quarterly and is calculated every January 1, April 1, July 1, and October 1.

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The Bank of Mom and Dad: A Guide to Intra-Family Loans

Diana Ringuette / July 27, 2015 We’ve all heard jokes about taking a loan from the Bank of Mom and Dad. What you might not know is that intra-family loans can be a great way to transfer significant wealth and avoid gift (or estate) tax liability. While an intra-family loan requires some upfront structuring and down-the-road diligence, the benefits are real. This article is a general guide to taking advantage of the wealth transfer possibility of an intra-family loan. Before making any decisions about your specific situation, however, you should consult an attorney.

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Finally, Some Exemptions to Private Companies

[The following guest post is contributed by Vinod Kothari and Aditi Jhunjhunwala of Vinod Kothari & Co. The authors may be contacted at vinod@vinodkothari. com and aditi@vinodkothari. com respectively. ] The 9-lakh (0. 9 million) odd private companies in India have already been subjected to unprecedented compliances required under the Companies Act, 2013 (the “Act”) given the financial year-end deadline of March 31, 2015. Ever since July 2014 when the draft of an exempting notification was placed before the Parliament, the corporate sector in the country, primarily the small and medium companies, and the thousands of foreign-owned or controlled companies which are mostly private companies, have been anxiously waiting for this notification.

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Questions to Ask Yourself Before Purchasing Your First HDB Home

Before reading up on the number of HDB schemes and loans available to you, you need to plan your home finances first. Not sure where to start? Don’t worry—we list down questions that you should ask yourself before making your first purchase. 1. Are you eligible to buy an HDB flat?Before you start on anything you need to have at least one of the following: Be above 35 years old if you're single You must have a family nucleus consisting of at least your parents, spouse, or at least one of your children Combined income of not more than $12,000 2.

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Cost Of Funds

Cost of funds is the interest rate paid by financial institutions for the funds that they deploy in their business. The cost of funds is one of the most important input costs for a financial institution, since a lower cost will generate better returns when the funds are deployed in the form of short-term and long-term loans to borrowers. The spread between the cost of funds and the interest rate charged to borrowers represents one of the main sources of profit for most financial institutions. Next Up For lenders such as banks and credit unions, cost of funds is determined by the interest rate paid to depositors on financial products including savings accounts and time deposits.

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Direct PLUS Loans

The Federal Direct PLUS Loan is a government-insured, credit-based loan made to either a graduate (masters/doctoral) student OR to the parent of a dependent undergraduate student. The PLUS Loan is not based on income or financial need. Parents may borrow up to the Cost of Attendance (COA) minus any financial aid received by the student. Approval is based on the credit-worthiness of the borrower. Borrowers must also be U. S. Citizens or eligible non-citizens. A student’s award will notify them or their parent of the maximum amount they may borrow minus any other aid offered.

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Fixed-Rate vs. Variable-Rate: Finding the Right Loan Terms for You

When you need to take out a loan, whether it's a home loan, car loan or personal loan, you have a choice between fixed-rate and variable-rate terms. Both types of interest rates can be beneficial depending on many factors, including your current financial situation, your comfort level with fluctuating rates and your credit score. Learn more about your two options so you can make an informed decision.   Fixed-rate loans Fixed-rate loans feature a set interest rate for the entire term of the loan. A fixed-rate loan is a great option for those who:Prefer consistent monthly paymentsPlan to pay the loan over a longer termFollow a personal budget and enjoy the predictability that a fixed rate allowsQualify for a low interest rate and want to secure it for their entire loan termExpect interest rates to increase, and want to lock in a lower interest rate now   Variable-rate loans Unlike fixed-rate loans, variable-rate loans (sometimes called adjustable-rate loans) do not offer borrowers one steady interest rate over the life of the loan.

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